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ALOM Announces Greenhouse Gas Reporting Structure for Transparency in Achieving Net Zero Carbon Footprint

November 2, 2022

ISO 14064-1 Certification and EPA Green Power Partnership provide a trusted framework for supply chain management company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero carbon footprint by 2030

ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management, has adopted two trusted reporting and disclosure measures to validate the company’s progress in achieving a net zero carbon footprint across its operations by 2030: ISO 14064-1 certification and acceptance as a Green Power Partner from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These measures demonstrate ALOM’s belief that supply chains must accept a heightened level of responsibility to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Obtaining ISO 14064-1 certification requires transparency and integrity in tracking and reporting all direct and indirect scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. Likewise, as a Green Power Partner, ALOM must be able to verify its ongoing use of clean energy.

ALOM’s switch to 100% renewable energy eliminated the consumption of 1.5 million kWh of carbon-emitting power across its North American supply chain production and fulfillment centers.

“ALOM is dedicated to holding ourselves to the highest level of accountability in protecting our planet by combatting climate change and lowering greenhouse gas emissions,” said ALOM President and CEO Hannah Kain. “Supply chain activities contribute up to 90% of an organization’s carbon emissions, according to the EPA. Our NetZero Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative establishes impactful GHG reduction measures, and we hope it can serve as a blueprint of best practices for other supply chain organizations, so together we can aggressively address this urgent global environmental crisis.”

ISO 14064-1 is an important benchmark because it specifies principles and requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s GHG inventory, eliminating subjectivity in adherence. It also builds upon ALOM’s ISO 14001 certification, which verifies that the company meets stringent, internationally established environmental management standards across its operations.

In being accepted as an EPA Green Power Partner, ALOM extended its commitment to the agency’s national goals of investing in renewable energy sources and reducing air emissions and pollution. Green Power Partners encompass Fortune 500 publicly traded companies, privately held companies, governments, education institutions and community organizations.

ALOM’s decision to disclose its progress toward achieving a net zero carbon footprint is essential to the continuous credibility of the company’s work and reported outcomes.

Building on the company’s long-term commitment to supply chain sustainability, ALOM has invested in reducing carbon emissions by near sourcing its supply base, optimizing freight transportation, supporting aggressive recycling and reuse programs, implementing energy-saving technology throughout client supply chains operations, and investing in select carbon offset programs such as reforestation. Through these efforts, ALOM was able to reduce its carbon emissions last year by 45% through a period of operational growth and expansion.

“ALOM is proud to advance the shared environmental commitments of our clients whose supply chains we manage and those who have enacted bold sustainability measures,” said Kaveh Moraghebi, ALOM’s Senior Director of Quality & Sustainability. “Adherence to both ISO 14064-1 standard and Green Power Partnership requirements testifies to the importance ALOM places on our net zero initiative and our air-tight processes. Areas such as supply base and sourcing evaluation, centralized omnichannel returns processing, and automated order routing/fulfillment all make significant and positive net GHG reduction impacts during a single year.”

In one example of GHG emission reduction through freight optimization, ALOM negotiated with a supplier to open distribution warehouses closer to ALOM fulfillment centers. This action reduced freight transport mileage and generated an overall sustainability benefit of lowering vehicle emissions (CO2) by 44 metric tons. In addition, ALOM was able to reduce lead time to receive new inventory from more than 70 days to only two to three days.

ALOM’s commitment to sustainability extends well beyond GHG reduction. Employee-driven initiatives to reduce energy, paper, and hazardous materials consumption in its facilities resulted in the recycling of 400,000 pounds of paper and corrugate in 2021. Thanks to employee suggestions and compliance, water stations installed in ALOM facilities keep 15,000 water bottles out of landfills each year.

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