Sourcing & Procurement

ALOM searches the world for the best suppliers. Our focus on supplier collaboration and relationship building leads to strong partnerships that benefit our customers through exceptional product quality and service levels.

Extending Competitive Value

ALOM suppliers extend our competitive values of agility, innovation and quality. It is not unusual for our suppliers to customize products specifically to meet the requirements of a customer.

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Material Sourcing

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Demand Planning

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Supplier Collaboration

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Quality Management

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Material Sourcing

Finding the right supplier in the right location that meets ALOM standards for quality, dependability and corporate responsibility is anything but simple. Fortunately, our supply base and procurement experts know how and where to look.

We source and obtain materials that ensure our customers and their end-users are protected, receiving high-quality materials for an excellent value delivered on-time in the correct quantities. We nearsource to minimize freight where possible and collaborate with suppliers to ensure raw materials are sourced in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

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Demand Planning

Too much or too little inventory produces equally lousy business outcomes. Real-time visibility allows us to avert a potential disruption and take mitigating action. ALOM has four integrated tools to provide our planners with real-time visibility and actionable data for each unique customer program.

Our ALOM Production Planning System (APPS) integrates with ERP, our COMPASS™ customer order portal and the ALOM BI system to monitor inventory levels and supplier orders around the world against current and projected demand. We can respond to any demand with just-in-time production and ensure full control of work orders and material flow through all stages of production and fulfillment.

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Supplier Collaboration

We believe the most successful business relationships are collaborative. We pay our suppliers fully and on-time. In return, they provide us with unheard of flexibility. We have forged alliances with key suppliers that we can count on, including component manufacturers, worldwide freight carriers, packaging and print vendors and business service providers such as workforce management and facility maintenance.

In some instances, customers require procurement of materials from their approved suppliers. We monitor customer vendors and report any quality or on-time non-conformance issues that could negatively impact our ability to meet service level commitments.

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Quality Management

Our commitment to quality has roots that extend deep into our corporate culture. This commitment applies equally to ALOM suppliers. We track, measure and report supplier KPI’s internally, monitoring a wide range of quality and performance criteria including returns, incomplete shipments or on-time delivery. All supplier performance and quality data is centralized in our SONAR™ vendor management system.

As a company, we are committed to continuous improvement. We share data with our customers and routinely ship millions of units without a single error, reaching Six Sigma quality levels.

Collaborative Approach to Supplier Management

ALOM and Supplier Collaborative Approach