Technology Development

ALOM puts technology center stage and invests heavily in R&D to develop customized, innovative solutions that raise the bar. We continually leverage the latest technologies to keep our customers ahead of the game.

Developing Technology to Advance Supply Chain

Our systems engineers view every new challenge as an opportunity to innovate supply chain operations by utilizing technology to enhance the end-user experience. And guess what? It is working. Our customized platforms raise the bar for what is possible.

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Privacy & Data Security

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Business Intelligence

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Process Automation

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Privacy & Data Security

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting customer and consumer data. Data security and privacy protections are built into all of our IT tools, systems and operational processes, including disaster recovery protocols and redundant system data backups. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we partner with data security thought and technology leaders to provide global protection that our customers trust. We are SOC2 and Privacy Shield certified and HIPAA compliant.

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Consistent with our philosophy that no two supply chain programs are the same, ALOM technology solutions are designed to allow customization based on customer program requirements. For example, we implement customizable eCommerce order and return systems for customers.

Popular for store replenishment, ordering of customized point-of-sales materials, customer appreciation or marketing fulfillment programs, our flexible order management system can expand our contract as needed, utilizing the most advanced and secure technology in the industry. Need secure payment processing, online catalog maintenance or back-end reporting? We have it covered.

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Business Intelligence

Every order generates a trail of valuable data — data that, when properly analyzed, assures our customer programs are performing optimally and achieving their goals. Collecting and integrating this vast resource of data from across our global network to measure performance is the reason we developed our proprietary business intelligence tool called ALOM BI. Using the latest machine learning technology, ALOM BI aggregates customer supply chain data such as inventory levels, orders shipped, shipments delivered and returns received. By analyzing this data in real-time, ALOM BI can predict potential disruption sources and forecast demand.

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Process Automation

We believe that to implement game-changing solutions for our customers we must begin with open minds. We ask questions and listen carefully to understand each objective and desired outcome. We then put our collective operations and technology expertise to the test, mapping out and refining each process step to determine how and where we can utilize automation technology to meet program requirements and add additional value. Whether it be serial number tracking, order customization or omnichannel returns, our process automation solutions solve business challenges and increase end-user satisfaction.

ALOM utilizes its own proprietary supply chain order management systems, which we make available to our customers to provide complete visibility and control over supply chain performance. They are COMPASS, ALOM BI and MegaShipper.

Being a supply chain technology leader is how we optimize and innovate the way we manage our customers’ supply chain. We utilize technology to improve supply chain performance and gain insight into how we can better serve the marketplace.

As orders are fulfilled and released for shipment they flow into our MegaShipper database. This sophisticated yet user-friendly system tracks order source, characteristics, shipping date and time authorizations, and monitors delivery status while providing real-time reports.
COMPASS™ is our powerful, proprietary order management portal that provides customers and ALOM operations teams with real-time order intake and status visibility. The COMPASS dashboard features customizable views of activity, provides actionable status alerts and detailed report data.
ALOM BI is a business intelligence tool that continuously analyzes current and historical data across the ALOM global network, presenting it on customer dashboards to provide visibility and measure achievement of supply chain objectives.

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