As a technology leader, we know the importance of security. Whether physical or digital, security is a critical component of our technology-driven risk management program to protect our customers and their end-users throughout the supply chain.

Continuous Vigilance in Supply Chain Data Security

There is no higher priority than data security and business continuity when we develop our IT tools, systems and operational processes. ALOM is SOC2 and Privacy Shield certified to ensure global data privacy and information security integral to protecting our customers and their end-users. Our redundant systems and globally integrated facilities ensure continuity and fast recovery from any disruption.

Developing Technology for Supply Chain Improvement

We don't believe transformative technology comes off the shelf. Therefore, ALOM brings a competitive advantage to our customers by developing our proprietary and highly secure supply chain management technology solutions. We call it the "ALOM Difference." This provides a significant competitive advantage for both ALOM and our customers. From our customer portal, COMPASS™, to ALOM BI, we customize IT solutions for each customer's supply chain while building on our robust systems.

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As orders are fulfilled and released for shipment they flow into our MegaShipper database. This sophisticated yet user-friendly system tracks order source, characteristics, shipping date and time authorizations, and monitors delivery status while providing real-time reports.

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COMPASS is our powerful, proprietary order management portal that provides customers and ALOM operations teams with real-time order intake and status visibility. The COMPASS dashboard features customizable views of activity, provides actionable status alerts and detailed report data.

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ALOM BI is a business intelligence tool that continuously analyzes current and historical data across the ALOM global network, presenting it on customer dashboards to provide visibility and measure achievement of supply chain objectives.