We understand that our medical supply chain expertise and performance directly enhance consumers' well-being. Therefore, we meet stringent requirements for quality, process control and the highest levels of data management and privacy protection.

Medical Industry Certified and Experienced

Medical Industry Certified and Experienced

Within the medical and associated healthcare industries we support customer programs, including Covid-19 test kit assembly and distribution, that demand the highest levels of quality assurance, process controls and regulatory compliance. So, in addition to being ISO 13485 certified, ALOM is FDA registered and HIPAA compliant. Our facilities are impeccably maintained for cleanliness and operational efficiency.

With a laser focus on traceability and data privacy, we have the expertise and technology in place to protect our customers and their end-users by thoroughly meeting product safety, security, and compliance requirements.

Medical Sector Advantage

Medical Sector Advantage

With over 15 years of experience serving the medical industry, we understand that there is no margin for error when it comes to the safety and well-being of consumers. That is why we are dedicated to maintaining meticulously clean facilities and stringently adhering to regulatory standards for product quality, consumer protection and data privacy. This dedication and experience has resulted in highly-refined process and quality controls that have earned the trust of our customers.

There are justified expectations to impeccable quality, stringent control and high levels of privacy protection, and those are constantly top-of-mind when it comes to protecting our medical industry customers.

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Producing When The Stakes Are High

Producing When The Stakes Are High

Whether test kit production, PPE order fulfillment, or medical device assembly and configuration, our healthcare industry customers share the ALOM benefits of supply chain transparency, order visibility and data security. Our serialization technology and quality processes assure each order is produced flawlessly, meets regulatory compliance and privacy standards and is fully traceable.

ALOM is agile and resilient. We deploy redundant systems to assure continuity of global operations that quickly identify and adjust to fast changing market requirements or potential disruption criteria.

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Your Prescription for Medical Industry Supply Chain Well-being

Protecting our Customers’ Brand

Consumer protection is at the heart of our customers’ reputations. Therefore, ALOM strictly adheres to world-class ISO standards in process and quality excellence. Quality and safety are key to producing complex and intricate products such as medical devices or electronic components — and ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry standards. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional process quality throughout all levels of supply chain operations; this includes meeting the highest levels of U.S. and global data security and privacy protection to keep every bit and byte of data safe and secure.

Trusted Medical Industry Expertise

  • Stringent quality control
  • Advanced serialization and documented global traceability
  • Inventory management and lot rotation
  • Highly-scalable production capacity
  • Worldwide eCommerce fulfillment
  • Personalized print promotion and direct mail programs

Full-Service Medical Sector Advantage

ALOM’s proven services and proactive approach in the medical sector include a standard quality plan template that can be customized to each customer. With our advanced order management and inventory control technology, we excel in traceability and omni-channel fulfillment for seamless retailer and end-user integration. For medical devices with electronic components, we offer ESD handling, repair and configuration; including recycling and disposal. If a marketing program requires support for a product launch that includes print and direct mail, rebate or discount code administration or 24/7 call center support, we have the experience and tools in place.

Committed to Quality and Consumer Protection

  • ISO 13485 certified
  • FDA registered
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Privacy and data security
  • Call center and customer support

Bringing Supply Chain Solutions to the Medical Industry

Consumer protection is first and foremost for our customers, and it is our top priority as well. Quality and safety are key to producing complex and intricate medical devices while ensuring regulatory compliance.

We are FDA registered and strictly adhere to exacting standards for medical device quality and safety. We are HIPAA compliant to ensure the highest levels of data privacy.

ALOM serves industry leading customers representing prestigious brands

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The accuracy and quality of the information we receive has to be perfect. With ALOM, the quality of service we expect happens the whole way through the process.