Fulfillment Services

Discover the exceptional value of ALOM, a leading fulfillment company. With unparalleled flexibility to customize orders, including gift cards, wrapping, and personalization, we deliver swift processing and fulfillment for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Accurate and On-time Fulfillment

Each day, we fulfill hundreds of thousands of customer orders accurately and on-time with approximately a third of all shipments going to international destinations.

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B2B Fulfillment

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Retail Distribution

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Logistics Management

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B2B Fulfillment

ALOM pioneered its first eCommerce B2B order portal in 1998. We have continuously innovated on processes and technology to help our customers procure, order and ship materials to their business partner networks – regionally or globally.

We are experienced in secure B2B order portal development and maintenance, including billing services and freight expense reporting with the ability to prepay and bill freight. We produce localized, time-critical campaign-specific promotional shipments to franchise outlets globally.

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There is nothing more rewarding to us than knowing that our customers are placing their complete trust in our staff and systems to fulfill orders directly to their end-users. That trust is rewarded in the form of skillful packaging, on-time and accurate delivery and an effort to keep costs down while maintaining weight limits.

With our COMPASS order management portal and ALOM BI dashboards, we generate customized, real-time inventory, quality, sales and shipping reports to keep our corporate customers fully informed on fulfillment volume data.

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We are everywhere our customers need us to be. We fulfill orders out of 19 global locations spanning five continents. Our order management technology seamlessly routes orders to the fulfillment center closest to the final destination to reduce freight cost and shorten delivery time. Our dedicated teams strictly adhere to quality-optimized processes to ensure problems or delays are avoided that may incur additional expenses for refused shipments, border/customs clearance, associated returns cost or dissatisfied end-users.

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Retail Distribution

We maintain a library of routing guides for major retailers, shipping products with customer-specific guides. Our MegaShipper system provides the required electronic services like Advanced Shipping Notice with Serial Shipping Container Code data. Our processes and detailed specifications allow for compliance with freight, dimensional and labeling requirements. This allows us to ship to retailers without incurring penalties or other issues reliably.

Retail supply chains must support an omnichannel model whereby an item can be purchased or returned both online or in-store. From a supply chain and retail system integration standpoint, this is a complex challenge — but it is an area where ALOM excels.

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Logistics Management

We are a one-stop-shop for inbound and outbound logistics management. MegaShipper, ALOM’s proprietary fulfillment system integrates with all major carriers and coordinates order sources/confirmation, inventory availability, payment options, and en-route tracking to ensure seamless, on-time delivery. Our typical turnaround is same-day shipping of all orders received that day, with cut-off times negotiated for each customer.

To ensure the availability of product(s), some customers request ALOM manage their finished goods inventory. Based on actual measurements, we run a 100% fill-rate for those customers as proven by our key performance indicators.

Two days or less delivery

via ground delivery to 80% of 48 contiguous U.S. locations

With the market demanding faster delivery, ALOM fulfillment technology and process automation seamlessly work together to keep our customers ahead in the race.

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  • Fast turn rate: 85% of all new orders ship same day
  • We go the extra mile to ship on time and get materials delivered in perfect condition
  • Excellent end-user satisfaction