As physical and digital supply chains converge to support connected and autonomous vehicles, we are uniquely positioned to serve the automotive industry with innovative solutions to solve complex challenges.

Tech Leader & Supply Chain Expert

Tech Leader & Supply Chain Expert

Our solution architects and systems engineers revolutionize automotive production and order fulfillment service levels by merging the physical, digital, and financial supply chain into one seamless solution. Our expertise providing specialized “can’t fail” software delivery solutions for OEM navigation and infotainment systems in millions of vehicles has set the industry standard for quality and system performance stability. In addition, ALOM supports material management, ordering, and fulfillment solutions for expanding electric vehicle charge station infrastructure. The ALOM EV ChargeSite solution provides cost-effective charge station component installation kits that enhance ease of deployment across fleet, commercial, and residential applications.

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Delivering Best-in-Class Performance

Delivering Best-in-Class Performance

For over 10 years ALOM has delivered a wide range of component and marketing support programs for many of the world’s top automotive brands. We offer proven Six Sigma quality levels in a high-capacity, state-of-the-art production environment. Our in-house engineering expertise has supported innovative technology development programs in the automotive sector working with technology and content vendors to ensure that specifications remain compatible with vehicle technology design.

We understand that automotive-grade components must withstand a wide range of environmental and physical demands. Therefore, our procurement teams are experienced in sourcing the highest quality materials and testing for performance and reliability.

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Positioning Customers For Success

Positioning Customers For Success

Automotive competition is increasingly challenging: It is not easy to compete on technology in a highly regulated environment where quality and reliability are key components. Technology requires a fast clock-speed, while regulations, quality and reliability require a more sedate pace.

We provide technology leadership, agility and responsiveness, along with strong compliance management. Our collaborative project management fast-tracks roll-out of new technologies, making our customers flexible and fast to market. ALOM’s visibility and decision-making tools and customer-facing e-commerce make the supply chain more nimble.

We transform the automotive supply chain into a strategic advantage.

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Automotive Supply Chain Solutions Accelerate Time to Market

Best-in-Class Technology Leadership

A decade of quality-driven supply chain experience and technology leadership have established ALOM as an award-winning supplier to the automotive industry. Technology is an integral part of each vehicle produced. Working with technology industry leaders in the automotive world, our engineers provide vertical sourcing expertise, technology planning tools, vendor management and world-class turnaround. We work with technology and component experts to ensure that specifications remain compatible with vehicle technology design.

ALOM Automotive Service Advantages

  • Connected vehicle technology expertise
  • Automotive grade component sourcing
  • Navigation system map data updates
  • Repair center tool kitting and distribution
  • Dealer point-of-sale display materials
  • Customizable eCommerce ordering sites
  • Customer appreciation fulfillment programs

Bumper to Bumper Program Support Expertise

ALOM supports a wide range of automotive product and marketing programs ranging from complex in-dash navigation system “over-air” data updates to tool distribution, dealer point-of-sale display materials and customer appreciation kit fulfillment. We understand that consumers have many choices when purchasing a vehicle and we want them to be delighted and loyal to their automotive brand for many years to come by ensuring all ALOM automotive materials, technology and services are produced and delivered to meet the highest quality standards. All customer orders are received and tracked through proprietary and highly-secure ALOM eCommerce tools which allow for dealer-specific customization and real-time status reporting.

Six Sigma Level Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001 process and quality certification
  • Dedicated and responsive account management teams
  • Six Sigma level quality performance – 3 DPPM
  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Sustainability and environmental stewardship

ALOM can support emergency situations faster than anyone I have ever seen. Their business is fulfillment so they know how to support us.