Energy and Utilities

Our success in serving these highly-regulated industries comes down to operational cost savings and industry experience. We support a wide range of field and ratepayer programs through communication and materials delivery program excellence.

Generating Value by Exceeding Customer Needs

Generating Value by Exceeding Customer Needs

Our long-term strength in the energy industry began with direct mail energy rebate program processing and print management. It expanded rapidly to include global energy efficient material procurement and high-volume order fulfillment.

We differentiate ourselves by offering flexible technology with secure processes and reporting to meet the unique regulatory requirements of our energy customers. We back it up with highly-optimized procurement, inventory management, online fulfillment and print management operations.

ALOM employee working warehouse

Providing The Right Solutions

Providing The Right Solutions

Whether it is a municipal gas and electric co-op or a large scale energy provider, we have the industry expertise and large-scale industrial resources to achieve our customers’ objectives. The exciting aspect of supporting energy and utility customers is the wide range and scale of program requirements.

But with over 20 years of full-service supply chain management experience our capabilities are equally versatile and robust. We handle sourcing and procurement, energy efficiency verification, personalized customer print and direct mail campaigns, material delivery, returns and stakeholder reporting.

ALOM employee inspecting utility shipment

A Full Grid of Services for Any Need

A Full Grid of Services for Any Need

Our energy and utility customers know they can trust ALOM to meet their high-volume program support requirements expertly. Benefits include regulatory compliance, on-time production and delivery of communication campaigns, and verifying all procured materials meet strict energy-efficiency certification standards. We are diligent in making sure all sources of possible risk are identified and mitigated to ensure workforce safety and on-time delivery of services and materials.

By knowing the regulatory and stakeholder requirements for each program, we are proactive in providing complete report documentation. Our order management technology monitors every fulfillment transaction to assure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

ALOM energy customer

Utility Programs Generating Positive Impact on Customer Comfort and Cost Savings

Full-Service Support and Cost Reductions

ALOM supports a wide range of utility-sponsored energy efficient material delivery and consumer targeted print/direct mail programs. We understand that our level of performance directly impacts the comfort and bottom-line energy bills of our utility clients’ customers. Therefore, we ensure the highest product quality standards and cost savings are met for all ALOM supported programs. Our buyers research and source products that meet the most stringent energy-efficiency standards in the world. The quantity of materials supplied by ALOM allows us to secure volume purchasing agreements with top manufacturers which we are then able to pass along to customers.

ALOM Utility Service Advantages

  • Material sourcing and procurement expertise
  • Product energy certification standard verification
  • Centralized program administration portal
  • Reduced program administration costs
  • High-volume personalized print and direct mail
  • Stakeholder engagement and reporting

Rapid and Accurate Order Fulfillment

Complex utility supply chain delivery programs run most efficiently on expertly developed technology backed up by highly optimized, ISO-certified quality programs. ALOM systems and program administration tools such as customized order management portals, high-speed variable digital print, shipment tracking and detailed back-end reporting assure that every order is promptly fulfilled and shipped on-time and in perfect condition. Data security is paramount when protecting high-volumes of data, therefore, ALOM is SOC2 and Privacy Shield certified.

Complete Energy Supply Chain Expertise

  • Hundreds of energy-efficient products in stock
  • National distribution – online purchasing
  • LED lighting experts – 4 million LED bulbs sold
  • Direct to consumer outreach and program administration
  • 2021 SDCE Green Award for supply chain sustainability
  • ALOM is an AESP corporate member