Each month, ALOM supply chain subject matter experts take a look at events, trends and technology shaping the industry and offer thought-provoking opinion and well-considered insight to help bring clarity and greater awareness of key issues.

Meet the New Smart Supply Chain Podcast Hosts: Sarah and Shireen Garrison

- July 11, 2024

Something supply chain pros have in common is we enjoy talking shop. It’s in our blood. To deepen your knowledge across a range of trending …

The True Cost of Supply Chain Quality

Hannah Kain - May 13, 2024

A Q&A with Kaveh Moraghebi, Sr. Director Quality & Sustainability of ALOM Kaveh Moraghebi Kaveh Moraghebi is a Quality Assurance expert with over 25 years …

Kaveh Moraghebi

The 40-Year ESG Journey from “Say What?” to Measurement; Yet Global Action Still Elusive

Hannah Kain - April 22, 2024

The year was 1982. I was participating in the United Nation’s general assembly. This was a humbling honor and a huge opportunity early in my career. …

How Tech-Focused COOs Are Transforming Supply Chains

- April 2, 2024

A Q&A with Brandon Marugg, COO and CTO of ALOM Brandon Marugg Brandon Marugg, a career supply chain expert with 20 years at ALOM, holds …

ALOM - A Demand Driven Model Image - Brandon Marugg

The Supply Chain Wars Are Still On – and They are Taking a Toll

Hannah Kain - December 19, 2023

I count myself fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse group of friends, many of whom are not entrenched in the intricacies of the supply …

The Last Human Written Supply Chain Blog

Hannah Kain - October 23, 2023

AI has become the latest buzzword – even to the extent that I am imagining – but not believing – that this will be the …