eCommerce & eFulfillment

ALOM's full-service eCommerce and eFulfillment solutions include everything needed to market, shop, purchase and process high volumes of B2C and B2B product orders including fully branded webstore development, secure payment processing, order fulfillment, and returns.

On-Demand eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce doesn't end on the checkout page. ALOM designs highly functional eCommerce ordering and fulfillment workflows that manage complex requirements and provide real-time monitoring.

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Full-Service eCommerce

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Payment Processing

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Customer / Marketing Support

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Privacy & Data Security

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Full-Service eCommerce

Our highly-scalable eCommerce solution is extremely flexible. We offer specialized and customized online web store development, catalog management, order management, payment/ACH processing, and eFulfillment solutions for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) markets. Pricing to end-users can be customized to recognize product discounts, coupon codes, volume orders or other business rules.

Additionally, our systems provide a wide range of real-time calculation and data analytics dashboard displays such as orders received/filled, shipping costs and inventory levels.

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Payment Processing

As early eCommerce pioneers, we have provided trusted and secure online payment processing since 1998. Where ALOM stands apart is our ability to customize payment solutions for our customers that meet their exact requirements including internal departmental chargeback reporting, invoicing and returns.

Online shopper pricing can be customized to recognize product discounts, coupons, volume orders or other business rules. A number of additional features are available to increase sales and customer retention such as returning customer and loyalty programs.

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eFulfillment plays a pivotal role in eCommerce supply chain management. It encompasses a range of processes aimed at effectively processing and fulfilling online orders, guaranteeing prompt delivery to end-users. By seamlessly integrating order processing, inventory management, and shipping logistics, ALOM optimizes eCommerce fulfillment operations to reduce costs and heighten customer satisfaction.

Given the exponential growth of online retail, implementing robust eFulfillment strategies has become paramount for eCommerce businesses. Utilizing advanced technologies, such as automation and real-time inventory tracking, eFulfillment enables streamlined order processing, accurate inventory control, and swift order fulfillment. This translates into enhanced operational efficiency and increased eCommerce customer satisfaction.

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Customer / Marketing Support

Online subscription services and connected devices provide marketing opportunities to end-user communities that share a common interest and deepen engagement. Our eCommerce platform extends beyond the sale to manage opt-in customer relationship and marketing programs through targeted digital marketing and live, person-to-person connections. Product update, sales promotion, loyalty rewards, user group forums, and service notifications are just the start to what is possible.

We have the experience and imagination to develop a customized eCommerce marketing program that builds loyalty and engagement.

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Privacy & Data Security

As online sales continue to expand, so too do concerns about the security of the data that customers share with eCommerce merchants. Our eCommerce technology platform is built to offer the highest possible levels of consumer privacy and data protection with SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliance. But we go much further. Our IT data risk management is an ongoing iterative process. ALOM partners with leading data security firms to evaluate and test our systems regularly. We then implement strategies to mitigate risk areas and further strengthen data security protections. And for additional peace of mind, ALOM is SOC2 and Privacy Shield certified and in full compliance with GDPR data privacy mandates.

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ALOM pioneers first eCommerce fulfillment platform

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