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End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Operating out of 19 global locations, we execute customized and scalable supply chain fulfillment services programs for market leaders in the medical, automotive, technology and other highly regulated industries. Our technology and process expertise ensures that each order, no matter how complex, is executed and delivered flawlessly. At ALOM, your brand is our passion.

Supply Chain Services and Solutions

ALOM Supply Chain Management Services

Featured Solutions

ALOM Supply Chain Management Services

Featured Solutions

Technology Development
We are continually leading by investing in new, innovative supply chain methods and solutions.
Media Duplication
We operate one of the largest and technically advanced SSD media duplication facilities in the world.
Sourcing & Procurement
Agile and responsible supply chains start with great supply base relationships.
Inventory Management
We combine technology and disciplined demand planning to ensure all materials are in stock and positioned at the right location.
Production & Assembly
With our advanced production planning and automation systems we can rapidly scale to any demand while producing millions of units each month at Six Sigma quality levels.

Technology Development

ALOM develops customized and innovative technology solutions for our customers that optimize the flow of goods and provide secure order/transaction processing. Internally we deploy proprietary, state-of-the-art inventory, order management and fulfillment systems across our global network. Our systems are integrated with ERP and supported by real-time business intelligence dashboards to ensure every order is complete, flawless, and delivered on time.

Media Duplication

ALOM excels at providing a full range of high-volume digital media duplication services including SD cards, micro SD cards and USB flash drives. We source media globally from top manufacturers and team with their engineers to meet stringent customer performance specifications. From license key unlocking, security encoding, or specific media requirements, we duplicate fast and flawlessly. Our quality control processes are world-class to ensure content accuracy and compatibility.

Sourcing & Procurement

Our ability to keep materials in stock and orders flowing starts with strong supplier relationships and trusted global sources of supply. We source responsibly. Our collaborative approach builds loyalty and superior results. To maintain the highest quality and timeliness, ALOM suppliers are subject to rigorous qualification and monitored performance.

Inventory Management

Having the right item at the right time in the right place, in quantities to meet demand but not result in costly overstock is the key to supply chain success. We accurately optimize inventory and collaborate with customers and suppliers to plan for volume spikes or mitigate risk factors to make sure the right quantity of components or finished goods are available to fulfill every order.

Production & Assembly

When a work order enters production, ALOM comes alive with all parts working together seamlessly; technology, meticulous processes, highly trained staff, and exacting quality standards. We excel at complex production and assembly builds with customization while meeting high order volumes. Our production planning system is integrated with ERP to ensure full control of work orders and materials, from start to finish.

Experience & Qualifications in Supply Chain Solutions


ISO Certified

SOC2 & Privacy Shield Certified


Error Free Flash Memory Devices Duplicated


Continents with ALOM Operations

Internationally Trusted Quality and Process Excellence

From product specifications, revision control, compliance management and detailed processes to small details like making sure each label is straight, we maintain an unwavering quality focus.

Our ESG Commitment

We strive to be the Customer of Choice, the Supplier of Choice, and the Employer of Choice

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We Care About the Planet

We accept a heightened level of responsibility to incorporate impactful sustainability practices throughout our operations. We are committed to conserving precious natural resources and protecting our planet.

Our Commitment

We Protect Human Rights

ALOM embraces diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all individuals. We protect human rights in the workplace and across our supply base. We vehemently oppose bias, discrimination, or unequal opportunity.

Our Culture

We Live Our Values

We strictly follow the highest level of professional and ethical standards in every aspect of our business, whether we’re partnering with suppliers and clients or engaging in our communities. We have no tolerance for bad actors in our supply chain.

Our Management

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