Exciting advances in technology are revolutionizing the way supply chain engages with end-users. Our passion for technology provides innovative solutions to deliver new tech products and data/software-driven services to fast-growing markets.

Bringing Supply Chain Solutions to the Tech Industry

Bringing Supply Chain Solutions to the Tech Industry

With our headquarters located in Silicon Valley, ALOM has deep roots expertly supporting demanding and innovative technology customer programs. From electronic device manufacturers to IoT and software companies, our systems, processes and facilities meet the most stringent quality, capacity and data security requirements.

From the start, we’ve excelled in high-volume, digitally-protected software and media duplication. Today, we operate one of the world’s largest digital media NAND Flash duplication facilities, including software downloads and electronics configuration.

VMWare Drive

Growth and Change

Growth and Change

What makes technology so exciting is the pace of innovation. Supply chain success requires excellence in technology application and agility to seamlessly adjust to changing market conditions. Our procurement, fulfillment and IT development teams are experts at sourcing materials and implementing delivery programs that meet global demand and deliver breakthrough technology products to millions of end-users.

We are flexible and agile, optimizing market opportunities by getting returns and repairs into the sales stream quickly while also maintaining strong transit times and expedited customer clearances. We understand the value of world-class turnaround times.

Technology production and assembly line

End-To-End Customer Satisfaction

End-To-End Customer Satisfaction

Tech supply chains do not end with flawless product delivery, they just begin. Consumers of even the most well engineered and simple to use electronic gadgets may need help. Success in reverse supply chain management and customer support often have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. ALOM provides repair, refurbishment and ESD assembly services as well as call center support.

We are boosting our efficiency and security by investing in IT research and development as well as technology development for both our internal systems and customer programs.

ALOM customer care employee

Technology to Advance Technology Industry Supply Chains

Visibility, Agility and Speed Define Technology Supply Chain

Like our technology industry customers, we understand how leading-edge technology puts unusual demands on the supply chain. We also understand the competitive advantage we bring to our customers by supporting them with highly-scalable and secure supply chain management systems and technology that enable precise inventory control, flawless order management and 100% on-time delivery.

ALOM Solution-driven Approach

  • Customized tools and process automation
  • Actionable real-time visibility
  • Turnkey eCommerce merchant services
  • Traceability and serialization
  • Results-oriented analytics and business intelligence
  • Privacy and data security
  • High-volume NAND Flash media duplication

Taking it Further

We redefine the traditional approach to technology development by creating systems that enhance rather than limit or dictate business processes. Our talented supply chain systems engineers and application development specialists start by understanding customer needs and then going 2 or 3 steps further by asking, “What if you could?” Technology moves fast and we strive to ensure our robust solutions are designed and tested to mitigate risk and power maximum customer performance and growth.

Culture of Technology Innovation

  • 5 proprietary supply chain management systems developed and in use
  • 4x winner SDCE Top 100 Supply Chain Technology Innovation Projects
  • 3x winner Connected World Woman of M2M/IoT
  • Gold Award 2018 Women in IT Silicon Valley Employer of the Year
  • 4x winner SDCE Green award for technology-driven supply chain sustainability

We have been impressed with ALOM’s outstanding performance. Their quality levels, on-time delivery, flexibility, day-to-day support, and advice are at the industry’s highest level.