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ALOM is a global leader in supply chain management serving as a strategic partner to our customers by expertly and seamlessly conducting their key business functions from manufacturing to marketing.

ALOM Leaders Hannah Kain, Brandon Marugg and Lisa Dolan Named 2023 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

March 22, 2023

Leaders’ solidarity in values and strategic direction position ALOM and its customers to deliver exceptional supply chain performance

ALOM, the global supply chain management leader, is being recognized for its extraordinary industry talent with three executives being honored as 2023 Supply Chain Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. ALOM President and CEO Hannah Kain, Chief Operating Officer Brandon Marugg, and Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy Lisa Dolan were named to this year’s prestigious roster of top industry pros – the ninth time for Kain, the eighth for Dolan, and the second for Marugg.

SDCE annually recognizes outstanding executives and practitioners whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage their supply chain for competitive advantage and prepare the industry to meet future challenges.

“To be successful in today’s economic environment, a global supply chain management company must be highly strategic, exacting in technical expertise, and constantly attentive to evolving customer and market needs,” Kain says. “Brandon Marugg and Lisa Dolan have been at the forefront of leveraging visionary technology to achieve first-ever supply chain applications that solve customer challenges and delight end-users. They inspire our entire company to achieve even greater heights and work together within a cohesive culture.”

Kain has led ALOM since founding the company 26 years ago. She is a respected industry strategist, thought leader, highly engaged executive, and champion of human rights and environmental protection. Her credo is to “do right by the world.” This means accepting a higher level of responsibility and living to standards of integrity and excellence to be a supplier of choice, a client of choice, and an employer of choice. One area currently at the forefront of ALOM’s ESG commitment is the company’s steady progress in achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2030 across its operations.

Advancing toward this goal, in 2022 ALOM became a U.S. EPA Green Power Partner for its demonstrated greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by using renewable energy and achieved ISO 14064-1 certification for transparency in GHG emission monitoring and reporting.

Through Kain’s representation on the board of the National Association of Manufacturers, she is at the forefront of advancing ALOM’s efforts to near-source its supply base to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from overseas and cross-border freight movement. As of 2022, 80% of ALOM suppliers are now located less than 100 miles from a company production or fulfillment location.

Similarly, ALOM’s diverse, inclusive, and service-driven culture is one of its core values. Under Kain’s direction, ALOM invests 3x the industry average per employee in training and onboarding through ALOM University. As a result, 62% of open positions are filled through internal staff promotion.

This values-driven and disciplined professionalism can also be found in the leadership of Kain’s fellow SDCE Pros to Know:

Brandon Marugg, recently promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2022, has served ALOM for 21 years. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in expanding the company’s global customer and supplier base by implementing sophisticated, first-of-a-kind proprietary technology solutions to support its worldwide client supply chain programs. Under his direction, the company has developed a powerful suite of highly resilient, integrated business intelligence powered global operational systems and tools providing real-time visibility of each component, order, transaction, and shipment. This enables ALOM to identify signals, trends, or anomalies and respond rapidly to meet fast changing demand that assures every part of every order is perfectly produced and fulfilled.

Marugg directs the development and implementation of customized technology platforms for each customer, designed to meet exacting needs and scalability requirements, as well as internal business support functions including supplier management and demand planning.

As a result, in 2022 ALOM achieved a 100% on-time program launch record for all new and existing customer programs; a fourfold growth in adoption of the ALOM open API interface for fully automated and secure order intake, visibility, and reporting; and a 36% growth in number of units shipped globally.

Lisa Dolan is a talented supply chain architect and technology strategist. She specializes in developing flexible, technology-driven solutions that solve highly complex supply chain challenges for ALOM customers. Her exceptional depth of knowledge serving the automotive, technology, and life sciences industries helps her deploy innovative, customized programs that centrally integrate and seamlessly address end-user experience, transaction management, quality, process efficiency, inventory control, data security, logistics, traceability, and regulatory compliance areas.

A longtime environmental advocate and one time dogsled team musher, Dolan is deeply committed to ALOM’s net zero pledge. One area of focus is on building a network of material, commodities, and public and private sector planning experts to serve the fast-growing supply chain needs of providing residential, community, and in-transit electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Dolan’s contributions to ALOM would not be complete without mention of her passion for supporting a diverse and inclusive culture. Not surprisingly, this authenticity appeals to women job candidates, resulting in a loyal ALOM workforce that is 58% female, and 55% led by women supervisor, manager, and senior leadership positions.

“This year’s list is filled with supply chain professionals whose achievements and success stories have helped move the needle in the supply chain. They promote safety, sustainability, and workforce development. They work toward helping heal the supply chain,” says Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics.

About ALOM

ALOM is a global supply chain management services and solutions provider serving as a partner to its Fortune 100 customers in the technology, automotive, government, medical, telecommunications, and utility/energy sectors.

Headquartered in Fremont, CA, its expert team of strategists, technology engineers, and supply chain specialists operate globally from 19 locations. ALOM supply chain service offerings include procurement, ecommerce, inventory, assembly, digital media duplication, print management, fulfillment, IT and visibility tools, logistics management, and operations. ALOM is proud to deliver its customers’ products and services impeccably, enrich the end-user experience, and uphold their brand reputations.