Grows Family Tree by Partnering with ALOM for eCommerce Fulfillment

“ALOM’s commitment to customer satisfaction through prompt responses as well as compliance to their quality management systems provide evidence of their value as a supplier for 23andMe.”

Eli Fry, Vice President of Operations, 23andMe


Biotechnology, Genetic genealogy

Personal genomics and biotechnology company that provides DNA-based health, ancestry, medical research technology and care management tools.

The Challenge

  • Highly regulated medical market
  • Complex fulfillment process
  • Growth of international distribution channel
  • Scalability to meet high demand

The Solution

  • Individualized barcode order and result tracking
  • Retail distribution
  • Flawless genetic sample return process
  • Inventory management and lot rotation
  • Green and sustainable packaging

The Benefits

  • Rapid order processing
  • 100% order accuracy and on-time delivery
  • Scalable support to meet peak demand
  • Reduced packaging and shipping costs

23andMe Customer Case Study

23andMe was in full startup mode when first introduced to ALOM in 2007. The name 23andMe is derived from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell that combine to tell a unique ancestral story for each individual. The company began with a simple but revolutionary business plan to provide individualized DNA genetic test data that defines a consumer’s ancestral composition. Accomplishing this objective on a global scale required the brainpower of highly experienced and innovative supply chain professionals.

23andMe initially contracted with ALOM to provide warehousing and inventory management. The relationship quickly expanded to include full global eCommerce fulfillment. ALOM worked closely with the 23andMe DNA test kit packaging manufacturer to reduce the kit size to save on shipping and provide a more environmentally sustainable and rugged unit. ALOM then went to work refining and testing the eCommerce order fulfillment processes that tracks each DNA test kit via an individualized serial number and barcode.

Quality Driven: ISO 13485 Supply Chain Process Expertise

Since 2007, ALOM has been ISO 13485 certified; demonstrating process and quality management programs are in place that meet stringent internationally recognized requirements specific to the medical device industry.

ALOM provides 23andMe with retail channel and direct-to-consumer eCommerce order fulfillment. ALOM implemented an integrated retail inventory and distribution system providing rapid response to fast changing retailer inventory requirements. To ensure every eCommerce order is delivered within 2 business days to 80% of contiguous U.S. mailing addresses, incoming orders are instantly routed to the ALOM fulfillment facility nearest the delivery zip code.

Every DNA test kit is traceable by serial number and barcode whether distributed into the retail channel or delivered directly to the consumer. Serialization is critical to ensure pinpoint supply chain visibility and consumer protection. When DNA test kits are received by the customer, instructions are provided for submitting their DNA sample and registering their unique barcode number so access to test results are securely controlled. Once submitted samples reach the testing lab and are processed, the results are posted to a confidential password protected and barcode linked web page where customers can view their test results.

Sample arriving from 23andMe

A True and Valued Partner

Critical areas where ALOM has been a source of ongoing value to 23andMe are meticulous inventory management and scalable response. Lot control on test kit inventory requires careful storage, monitoring and rotation. Inventory must be kept at a level to meet demand when orders spike but not result in excessive stock on hand. ALOM’s proprietary COMPASS™ system tracks inventory to current and projected future orders and has built in inventory level alerts. The key for ALOM is having the processes and tools in place to plan for and quickly adapt to changing volume requirements.

Commenting on ALOM’s commitment to quality the 23andMe Quality Team stated, “ALOM’s commitment to customer satisfaction through prompt responses and demonstration of conformance to the quality agreement as well as maintaining compliance to their well-established quality management systems provide evidence of their value as a supplier for 23andMe.”

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