ALOM Delivers Turnkey Product Launch Rebate Fulfillment Program

“I can’t say enough to express how perfectly the ALOM team understood our needs and rapidly implemented a solution that met all our objectives, and then some. We got more than we asked for and everything worked seamlessly.”

Anonymous per NDA, Operations Compliance Officer

Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Swiss biopharmaceutical company that specializes in reproductive health, maternal health, gastroenterology and urology.

The Challenge

  • Print-on-demand customized outreach letter and kit with rebate coupon and discount code matching
  • Multiple source database integration
  • HIPAA compliance in a highly regulated pharmaceutical market

The Solution

  • Integrated database development IT solution aligning individual data from multiple input sources
  • Fast-turn, on-demand digital print, kitting, and fulfillment
  • Quality assurance protocol via go/no go barcode matching

The Benefits

  • 100% accuracy
  • Expedited seamless turnkey print, assembly, and fulfillment process
  • HIPAA and FDA compliance
  • Data analytics for reporting campaign effectiveness and opt-out response rate

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Product launch mailer campaign required complex HIPAA compliant database integration to match personalized product information with prescription rebate discount codes.

To support a highly publicized broadcast and print media product launch, Ferring Pharmaceuticals required a complex, turnkey fulfillment process to provide respondents with product information and individually assigned prescription discount codes. The program was initially launched with another supplier who encountered insurmountable challenges matching respondent contact data provided from a call center with discount codes assigned by a rebate administrator.

Ferring approached ALOM to develop a customized interface to receive and integrate sales information and rebate coding. ALOM supply chain engineers and IT specialists met with Ferring operations staff to understand the objectives and plan a customized turnkey program. Within a matter of days ALOM successfully tested and implemented a technology solution that accurately received and aligned customer and rebate code data.

Next, ALOM customized a print-on-demand, assembly and fulfillment process to expedite personalized product information kit production and shipping while ensuring HIPAA and FDA compliance throughout every stage of the process.

This process included a critical quality assurance step that required go / no go scanning of matching barcodes to verify personalized product information matched correctly with high-value rebate coupon codes that would be redeemable at pharmacies for initial prescription and up to 6 months of refills.

The ALOM process resulted in 100% accuracy and flawless quality.

To further expand the effectiveness of the solution, ALOM developed an opt-out program to include a customized 800# line to assure compliance with federal regulations. As part of the opt-out program, ALOM provided data management and data analytics reporting tools to track and measure campaign effectiveness.

Quality Driven: ISO 13485 Supply Chain Process Expertise

ALOM is highly experienced in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industry supply chain management. Since 2007, ALOM has been ISO 13485 certified; demonstrating process and quality management programs are in place that meets stringent internationally recognized requirements specific to these highly regulated industries. In addition to ISO 13485, ALOM is also ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certified.

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