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Lisa Dolan named Woman of M2M

May 18, 2018

Lisa Dolan, Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy at ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management, was named a 2018 Woman of M2M by Connected World Magazine at its Sixth Annual Awards program recognizing women as IoT (Internet of Things) trailblazers and technology innovators held Thursday, May 17 in San Francisco, CA.

“We at ALOM are extremely proud that Lisa Dolan is being honored for her leadership in transformational supply chain technology development and process application. Lisa’s expertise applying ‘machine to machine’ automated process technology has reduced costs and improved service and quality levels across our Fortune 500 customer base,” said ALOM President and CEO Hannah Kain.  “She continues to be a key driver of productive change in our industry.”

In her role at ALOM, Lisa Dolan has developed complex, global supply chain strategies and managed contracts representing over $250 million across the last ten years. For a global automotive industry customer, Lisa was instrumental in helping engineer technology into memory storage devices that can actually predict and notify a vehicle owner when a device is about to fail. She is a sought-after speaker nationally at supply chain events and a regional advocate in Silicon Valley promoting STEM education and rewarding career opportunities in the manufacturing and supply chain industry for women and girls.

The Women of M2M list is comprised of some of the most powerful women in the technology sector, and represents many of the world’s most innovative companies. These women are selected because they each bring a unique lens to their respective companies that helps push connected technologies forward.

The celebratory gathering took place at ThoughtWorks in San Francisco and included current and past winners at an awards presentation by the President of Specialty Publishing, and Editorial Director of Connected World magazine, Peggy Smedley.

“I am pleased to honor Lisa Dolan with the 2018 Women of M2M award,” Smedley said. “Her passion for encouraging young women to pursue technology-driven careers in supply chain and manufacturing is inspiring.”

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