ALOM Improves Software Packaging and Reduces Cost

“ALOM understood our goals, and the designs were exactly what we were looking for.”

Manu Dhanwantri, Inventory Manager of EMC Dantz



Premium data storage and technology brand, now part of Dell, Inc., that provides enterprise level products and services to store, manage, protect, and analyze data.

The Challenge

Reduce the cost of packaging while improving quality and staying true to the company brand.

The Solution

  • Develop end-to-end fulfillment solution
  • Streamline assembly and shipping
  • Eliminate extra packaging layers
  • Create new package design

The Benefits

  • 50% reduction in assembly time
  • Cost reduction of $0.64 per unit from materials and assembly
  • Overall savings of $41,984 from package re-design within one year
  • Ability to review real-time information on shipping projects through ALOM’s extranet

EMC Dantz Customer Case Study

EMC Dantz had been an ALOM fulfillment customer for five years when an opportunity came up to evaluate its software packaging and develop a new design.

Initially EMC Dantz wanted ALOM to redesign an element in its software packaging to reduce assembly and production cost while maintaining the over-all branding and packaging quality. ALOM began by conducting a thorough review and assessment of how the packaging was designed and produced that included a detailed cost analysis of materials, production, assembly, and freight.

“The previous vendor was extremely big – but they were not very customer focused, too expensive, and not nearly as advanced in meeting our requirements as ALOM,” says Inventory Manager Manu Dhanwantri of EMC Dantz.

EMC dantz employee

During the packaging assessment, ALOM analyzed existing packaging components, consisting of a large folder that housed a CD with 4-5 individual cards. The folder was cumbersome to assemble and had to be shrink-wrapped. After assembly, the folder was stored in a master carton and then pulled prior to shipping. Shipping was complicated and usually done with one unit per order. Each unit had to be inserted into a bubble mailer for protection. Even with the outer mailer, the folder was hard to protect during shipping.

ALOM determined that a completely new packaging design and assembly process was required that would reduce costs and provide a more durable finished unit and utilize more efficient production and fulfillment processes.

EMC agreed. “We gave ALOM our design requirements, and the new designs we got back were very impressive,” adds Dhanwantri. “ALOM understood our goals, and the designs were exactly what we were looking for.

New Design Unveiled

The new design consisted of one dual pocket CD wallet with one multi-paneled, folded insert. The new, more sturdy and compact design could be mailed without a padded mailer or outer packaging, thus reducing weight and bulk. The new design also helped reduce assembly steps and time by 50%.

The overall cost reduction from materials and assembly was $0.64 per unit, not including freight. Within the first year, the redesign on just this one package of 65,600 units added up to $41,984. In addition, packaging materials and freight incurred substantial savings.

ALOM has since had the opportunity to support EMC Dantz in redesigning other packaging solutions for further improvements and cost savings. Besides the flawless package redesign and streamlining of shipping, Dhanwantri was impressed by ALOM’s dedication to his needs and knowledge and support of goals – specifically the shipping process. “Our volumes of shipments range from low to high, and ALOM ships them out within four to six hours, regardless of size.” He is also impressed with the ALOM COMPASS™ customer portal. “It’s extremely useful and user friendly. It’s very powerful and lets us see data in real-time to track order fulfillment volumes and shipping status.

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