COVID-19 Resources and PPE

ALOM is ideally positioned to support COVID-19 response programs from production of test kits to quality PPE: ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered facilities and strong medical supply base. We are committed to being part of the solution.

PPE & Covid-19 Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic onset, ALOM engaged with health, industry and community advisory groups to implement workplace safety standards that protect workers and allow much needed medical equipment and test kits to reach healthcare facilities.

To help businesses re-open and protect employees on-premise ALOM provides quality-inspected PPE in stock and ready to ship from our U.S. warehouses.

Shifting Corporate Priorities

COVID-19 pandemic elevates employee health and community social support to top of corporate priorities.

Employee Health and Safety
Employer / Employee Relationships
Taking Action for Social Good
Corporate Role in Communities
Stock Performance
Less Important More Important
Protect Workers with Quality-Certified

ALOM PPE Product Catalog

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