Each month, ALOM supply chain subject matter experts take a look at events, trends and technology shaping the industry and offer thought-provoking opinion and well-considered insight to help bring clarity and greater awareness of key issues.

REAL Supply Chain Competitive Advantage – Staff Experience and Commitment

Hannah Kain - April 15, 2019

It is hard to remember when I was ever more proud in my life. This past month an ALOM staff member was named the 2019 …

Lisa Dolan on SDCE cover

Visibility into Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Hannah Kain - February 26, 2019

I could not help contemplating the high fives going around at United Airlines headquarters for meeting their luggage delivery KPI goals. I was recently at …

ALOM BI dashboard user interface

Data is King – or Maybe Not?

Hannah Kain - January 3, 2019

More data is better, right? Perhaps not, and that’s an important consideration for supply chain pros as we are being overwhelmed with data that distracts …

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2019 Supply Chain Predictions – Break Out The Antacid

Hannah Kain - December 13, 2018

This New Year break out the antacid to supplement the champagne: 2019 will be a year of unprecedented uncertainty for supply chain professionals, and really …

US and China diagram

Supply Chain and Free Trade Lessons from 2200 Years Ago

Hannah Kain - October 16, 2018

I recently visited Delos, a tiny island in the Greek Archipelago. Now uninhabited, the island houses a wealth of information about ancient supply chain and …

ancient greek port

The Cost of Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance

Hannah Kain - September 11, 2018

Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline both estimate that just the compliance cost for managing the Brexit situation will be around $100 million per company. Similarly, supply chain …

stock photo of regulatory compliance