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ADEPT Driver Wins Teen Safe Driving Award

February 15, 2013

ALOM Congratulates ADEPT Driver for Advancing Teen Driving Safety

Hannah Kain, CEO of ALOM, applauded ADEPT Driver, Advanced Drivers Education Products & Training, Inc., for being awarded the National Safety Council’s 4th Annual Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award for its teenSMART® crash reduction program.

Introduced in 1999, teenSMART is the only driver safety program to identify and address the six behavioral and social factors that cause more than 90 percent of all teen driving collisions. ADEPT’s teenSMART program uses realistic and challenging computer-based driving simulations that improve teen drivers’ skills in each of these areas and help them avoid risk when they are behind the wheel.

“ADEPT and its visionary teenSMART program have taken a groundbreaking approach to solving teen driving safety issues,” Kain said. “ALOM is honored to provide essential supply chain services for this award-winning program that is so important to keeping teen drivers safe on the road. It is fulfilling to know that every program we duplicate, every book we print, and every package we assemble and ship are contributing to teen safety.”

“We at ADEPT are tremendously proud to receive this recognition. We value longtime partners like ALOM, because ALOM’s excellent customer support enables us to advance our work in keeping teen drivers safe on the road,” said Bonnie Berry, Senior Vice President of Operations at ADEPT Driver.

ALOM is a global leader in supply chain management, and seamlessly conducts key business functions for its clients. For ADEPT Driver, ALOM purchases and assembles its driver crash reduction programs that include DVDs with program software and printed workbooks.

Teens that complete the teenSMART course have a measurable decrease in car crashes with fewer injuries and traffic citations compared to otherwise similar teen drivers. Insurance claims among teenSMART drivers have been reduced by 25 to 40 percent, according to ADEPT Driver.

“By providing superior customer service, we allow ADEPT to focus on its innovative work in identifying the critical driving, behavioral and physical factors that empirically relate to auto collisions, especially among the teen and over 55-year old driving populations,” Kain added.

ADEPT Driver developed the teenSMART program to educate teens on the importance of safe driving and teach teen drivers how to avoid crashes. The teenSMART program brings parents and teens together in a structured practice program of computer simulations and behind the wheel practice of the specific driving challenges that contribute to the most teen crashes. ALOM also provides production support for ADEPT’s Lifelong Driver program which was designed to help mature drivers stay on the road longer and more safely. For more information, see and

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