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ALOM Announces Sustainability Initiative to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Footprint Across Supply Chain Operations by 2030

March 30, 2021

Global supply chain management leader implements three programs to drive measurable reductions in human impacts accelerating climate change

ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management, has announced the launch of its Net Zero Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative to achieve a net zero carbon footprint across its supply chain programs by the year 2030.  With this bold effort that engages its employees, suppliers and clients, ALOM is escalating its commitment to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility with specific programs to meet a landmark metric.

“ALOM is proud to take on our aggressive goal of a net zero carbon footprint in just nine years. We will bring the full force of our strategic planning, visionary technologies and collaborative culture to achieving this purpose – arguably the most important of our lifetimes,” stated ALOM President and CEO, Hannah Kain. “We are committed to evaluating all activities to achieve this goal. Supply chains are heavily impacted by the disruptions due to climate change, and this increases our responsibility to be part of the solution to the environmental crisis for this and future generations.”

The Net Zero Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative will focus on carbon reduction in the atmosphere to mitigate human impacts accelerating global climate change. Specifically, ALOM will drive three key programs that will be tracked, measured and reported through the company’s rigorous data and proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) technology:


  • -Invest in Carbon Offset: Utilize clean and renewable energy, offset emissions, optimize freight use, and implement energy-saving technology throughout client supply chains.


  • -Refuse/Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Materials. Reduce consumption of energy, paper, and hazardous materials; source environmentally-friendly products and materials.


  • -Engage to Save. Collaborate with staff, suppliers and clients to implement strategies that lower impact, eliminate waste and optimize efficiency.


ALOM is well-positioned for this initiative as it already embeds sustainable strategies throughout clients’ global supply chains in areas such as engineering, transportation, logistics, and material use.

“ALOM’s scale of operations in producing, packaging and moving high volumes of materials provide us with the opportunity – and the responsibility – to enact measures that protect our environment and conserve resources,” said ALOM Senior Director of Quality and Sustainability Kaveh Moraghebi.  “Our planners and buyers will be scrutinizing the sourcing, usage and movement of all materials to ensure the most environmentally-friendly materials and shortest transport distances are being utilized across our clients’ supply chain,” he said. “We also plan on engaging our suppliers further to increase their commitment to sustainability.”

The ALOM Net Zero Sustainability Initiative builds upon the company’s longstanding commitments to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  ISO 14001-certified, ALOM has a record of excellence in supply chain sustainability with demonstrated best practices in technology development and material sourcing.  It has won the Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive for seven consecutive years.

At the same time, ALOM’s corporate social responsibility efforts are rooted in ethical business management.  It seeks suppliers that support its values and are dedicated to upholding ethical sourcing and human rights practices in their operations.

ALOM’s corporate social responsibility extends to supplier diversity and inclusion. As a woman-owned, WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), ALOM’s own supplier diversity program resulted in 37% diversity spend in 2020.  ALOM has a 20+ year partnership with HOPE Services and more recently with BOSMA Enterprises to train and hire workers with disabilities and in supporting community-based organizations dedicated to ending hunger and homelessness, and providing economic opportunities to underserved populations.

Monitoring ALOM NetZero Sustainability Initiative progress is ALOM proprietary technology that protects client supply chains through pin-point real-time visibility to supplier performance, material movement, production volume, traceability, tracking of technology elements and full visibility of individuals that were part of the production cycle.

“Since founding ALOM 24 years ago, we have built a company around the best people we can hire and a culture of education, excellence and continuous improvement to support them.  Working together with our clients, we will take measurable steps to protect our planet and their future,” Kain said.



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