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ALOM is a global leader in supply chain management serving as a strategic partner to our customers by expertly and seamlessly conducting their key business functions from manufacturing to marketing.

ALOM Attains TL 9000 Certification

May 1, 2014

QuEST Forum Issues TL 9000 Certification to ALOM

ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management, has attained TL 9000 certification, a quality certification issued by the QuEST Forum enabling companies to establish and sustain the highest levels of quality across their organizations.  Designed specifically for the information and communication technologies industry, TL 9000 builds on the ISO 9001, a certification that ALOM already holds, and adds specific process and quality audit requirements for hardware, software, and service telecomm suppliers.

“In keeping with ALOM’s core value of rigorous quality, we are proud to benchmark against TL 9000 standards,” said Hannah Kain, ALOM President and CEO. “Meeting stringent TL 9000 metrics and performance requirements enhances our quality-driven value proposition by empowering our employees and suppliers to deliver superior supply chain excellence and achieve our commitment to world-class quality performance.”

ALOM serves its Fortune 100 clients with an expert team of strategists, engineers, and specialists operating in ALOM’s headquarters and its 15 affiliated facilities around the world.  ALOM’s offerings include procurement, inventory, assembly, print management, fulfillment, IT integration and operations. Consistent with its pursuit of quality in telecommunications, it also holds the ISO 13485 certification for medical devices.

TL 9000 certification defines quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and service unique to the information and communication technologies industry. In addition, it specifies measurements for companies to help evaluate the effectiveness of quality implementation and improvement programs.

TL 9000 provides value and benefits across the total spectrum of disciplines, including buyers, suppliers, and service providers, by providing a consistent set of quality expectations that parallel rapid technology changes and customer expectations.

Tim Harden, QuEST Forum Vice Chair and Chair Emeritus; President, Supply Chain and Fleet Operations, AT&T Services, Inc. offered the following statement, “My sincere congratulations to ALOM on achieving TL 9000 certification status. QuEST Forum created the TL 9000 quality management system to establish an industry specific platform of guidelines and auditable processes that improve supply chain management and effectiveness. Telecommunications providers around the globe can confidently partner with ALOM knowing their end-to-end operations are in compliance with stringent industry quality and process management standards that exceed standards required for other industries.”

About ALOM

ALOM is a global supply chain management services and solutions provider serving as a partner to its Fortune 100 customers in the technology, automotive, government, medical, telecommunications, and utility/energy sectors.

Headquartered in Fremont, CA, its expert team of strategists, technology engineers, and supply chain specialists operate globally from 19 locations. ALOM supply chain service offerings include procurement, ecommerce, inventory, assembly, digital media duplication, print management, fulfillment, IT and visibility tools, logistics management, and operations. ALOM is proud to deliver its customers’ products and services impeccably, enrich the end-user experience, and uphold their brand reputations.