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ALOM is a global leader in supply chain management serving as a strategic partner to our customers by expertly and seamlessly conducting their key business functions from manufacturing to marketing.

ALOM Named to 2020 SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for Business-Intelligence Powered WMS System Integration

June 25, 2020

Transformative ALOM WMS BI system pinpoints inventory movement while increasing customer visibility into daily operational events.

ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management services, has received the SDCE 100 Award for 2020 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.  ALOM received the award for its development of ALOM WMS BI, a business intelligence-powered warehouse management system.  By providing highly accurate inventory management and demand planning data analytics, the tool enables companies to eliminate backorders and meet peak demand periods, proven to be critical during the COVID-19 crisis.  This is the 7th consecutive year ALOM has been named a SDCE 100 Award recipient for transformative supply technology innovation – a testament to ALOM’s continued commitment to being an innovation leader in the supply chain industry.

Building on ALOM BI, the company’s business intelligence platform honored on last year’s SDCE 100 list, ALOM WMS BI accurately tracks and displays inventory movement while increasing client insights into daily operational events and projecting future demand.

“ALOM BI transformed how we utilize business intelligence data to ensure our clients’ supply chains are performing at peak levels,” stated ALOM Chief Technology and Privacy Officer, Brandon Marugg, who added, “ALOM WMS BI uses machine learning to identify – with pinpoint accuracy – the surface anomalies in the supply chain.  This enables us to provide our supply chain planners and clients with a whole new lens to see current inventory placement and volume levels, and meet current and projected demand patterns around the world.”

The ALOM WMS BI solution was immediately valuable to a client during its launch amidst the COVID-19 pandemic escalation. The ALOM client manufactures an FDA-approved air filtration device that – when properly configured – can remove virus particulates from the air. This client was tapped by government representative to ramp up production and distribute their product to medical treatment facilities. ALOM utilized the WMS BI solution to ascertain global inventory count with specific properties (each unit is serialized) and unit location. This enabled the clients’ planners to collaborate with ALOM’s supply chain planning group to project production, configuration, delivery volumes and routing. The program performed flawlessly, integrating data across solutions to mobilize inventory, schedule reconfiguration and re-route orders. In this instance alone, the solution provided a rapid response plan and data on which to make fast and important manufacturing order and inventory decisions which allowed the client to service customers with Covid-19 critical needs. These tools allowed ALOM to ship 100% on-time and same day throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

ALOM WMS BI leverages ALOM BI, which is a powerful resource for real-time visibility of supply chain performance metrics for ALOM clients. To further enhance its competitive benefits, ALOM system developers integrated ALOM BI with its WMS, ERP and order management systems. It seamlessly integrates fully encrypted BI data between ALOM systems in real-time using API and direct data access.

The SDCE 100 is an annual list of 100 outstanding supply chain technology innovation projects that can serve as a map for supply chain executives who are looking for new opportunities to drive improvement in their own operations. These projects show how supply chain solution and service providers help their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence and prepare their supply chains for success.

“First and foremost, we want to congratulate ALOM as a winner of this year’s Top 100 for its successful and innovative project, which serves as a model for what is achievable in the supply chain,” says John Yuva, editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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ALOM is a global supply chain management services and solutions provider serving as a partner to its Fortune 100 customers in the technology, automotive, government, medical, telecommunications, and utility/energy sectors.

Headquartered in Fremont, CA, its expert team of strategists, technology engineers, and supply chain specialists operate globally from 19 locations. ALOM supply chain service offerings include procurement, ecommerce, inventory, assembly, digital media duplication, print management, fulfillment, IT and visibility tools, logistics management, and operations. ALOM is proud to deliver its customers’ products and services impeccably, enrich the end-user experience, and uphold their brand reputations.