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ALOM President & CEO, Hannah Kain Coauthors Book

May 29, 2010

ALOM President & CEO, Hannah Kain Coauthors Book

ALOM today announced that Hannah Kain, the company’s President and CEO, is a coauthor of a book about Women in Business. The book is titled “Scrappy Women in Business, Living Proof that Bending the Rules Isn’t Breaking the Law”

Scrappy Women in Business is a guidebook to charting the tricky choices and situations that comprise a career path. Although some people make it look easy, the reality is that the path to success is often convoluted and messy.

Told from eleven unique women’s perspectives, and endorsed by world-famous author Robert Sutton of “Good Boss, Bad Boss” fame, the stories humanize the business world and illuminate career path choices that seem obvious only in hindsight, helping to shine a light for others walking the same path.

“I’ve been thinking about the accidental nature of careers for some time now,” said Kimberly Wiefling, executive editor of the Scrappy series. “I know lots of women who have needlessly agonized over their choices, the messiness of their career paths, and second guessing themselves. Imagine helping women to use that energy in creative ways. National Business Women’s Week provides an opportunity to call attention to women entrepreneurs and facilitate discussions on the needs of working women, both goals that Scrappy Women achieves, making it an excellent resource for everyone participating in this special week.”

It’s tempting to believe that other professionals somehow have their act completely together, but the real story is often much more complicated and chaotic. This refreshingly honest book provides welcome reassurance for every businesswoman who’s ever wondered, “Is it me, or has the whole rest of the company gone nuts?” Each chapter is a fascinating description of one woman’s unlikely journey, and every story is teeming with personal insights and practical tips to encourage women along the way toward their own goals and dreams.

“Wiefling Consulting has also launched a companion website to the book where women can read previews of our stories and share their own,” Wiefling said. “Our dream is that it will attract stories from scrappy businesswomen from every country in the world. I encourage everyone to log on to, and to participate in improving the workplace. It’s time for women to step up and make a significantly greater contribution to the business world.” Scrappy Women in Business is available immediately at

About Scrappy: The Scrappy Guides is a series of books to help anyone accomplish the impossible.
Those who say it can’t be done should stay out of the way of those doing it.

Scrappy means attitude.

• Scrappy means being willing to take risks and put yourself out there.
• Scrappy means sticking to your guns even if you’re shaking in your boots.
• Scrappy means being committed beyond reason to making a difference.
• And much more.

Delve into any of the Scrappy Guides to help muster the courage and commitment to pursue goals-even when there is no evidence that one can succeed. The Scrappy Guides include “Scrappy Project Management”, “Scrappy Information Security”, Scrappy General Management”, “Scrappy Business Contingency Planning”, and its newest addition, “Scrappy Women in Business”.

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