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ALOM Works with Ford on Navigational Tool

August 2, 2012

ALOM Works with Ford Motor Company on Navigational Tool

ALOM is working with Ford Motor Company to ensure that Ford customers can access up to date information on their MyFord Touch® connectivity systems. As a global leader in supply chain management, ALOM supports Ford in managing duplication and packaging of the MyFord Touch navigational maps, and recently provided MyFord Touch performance updates on over 400,000 USB sticks for use by Ford customers.

ALOM supports Ford by providing full turnkey management and delivery including digital media procurement, printing and custom packaging, information upload, digital rights management and traceability, assembly and kitting.

Consumers, who received an updated navigational map as part of their MyFord Touch performance update, were given the opportunity to go online to an ALOM-hosted website for instructions on how to recycle their expired SD (secured digital) cards for charity. ALOM manages the website, the returns processing and the sale of the cards with net proceeds going to the consumer’s choice of one of five Ford charities.

“Ford Motor Company is an icon of American success. We are proud to contribute to its leadership and innovation,” said ALOM President and CEO Hannah Kain. She founded ALOM 15 years ago as an intelligent source of integrated supply chain management and expert technological solutions. ALOM’s global team of credentialed strategists, engineers and specialists provide corporations with seamless support in responding to their customers’ product and service needs.

ALOM operates one of the nation’s largest digital media duplication centers. Its work with Ford and its suppliers in the U.S. and globally will contribute an estimated $20 million to ALOM revenue in 2012.

ALOM is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), which named ALOM a 2012 WBE Star.

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