Case Study

Time and time again our operations and technology teams solve complex global supply chain challenges that bring competitive advantage to our customers saving time and cost with increased quality and service levels.

MyFord Touch Customer Case Study

“They can support emergency situations faster than anyone I have ever seen. Their business is fulfillment so they know how to support us.”

Chuck Broadwater, SYNC Software Applications and Hardware Navigation Engineer for Ford

The Challenge

Provide critical update information for MyFord Touch™ connectivity systems to consumers in an accelerated time frame to help boost consumer satisfaction and uphold brand loyalty

The Solution

  •  Rapid scalability of quality manufacturing
  • Ensure 100% on-time delivery of time sensitive data to enhance the consumer experience

The Benefits

  • Highly scalable manufacturing
  • 100% quality under extreme time pressure
  • Ability to track and trace production and shipments
  • Innovative web based solution for sustainability

ALOM Helps Ford Improve MyFord Touch™️ and Meet Corporate Responsibility Goals

ALOM has provided global supply chain management for the SYNC® navigation group of the Ford Motor Company since 2009. When Ford’s CEO announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that Ford would be providing a critical MyFord Touch™ system upgrade to consumers, the navigation group recognized the high visibility of the project.

Faced with a tight deadline, Ford turned to a proven and trusted supplier, ALOM. Through its past performance, ALOM had demonstrated that its state-of-the-art, high-capacity duplication center combines world-class technology expertise and quality management processes. ALOM was the obvious choice to source and test the automotive grade components, handle all duplication of SD media and USB flash drives, provide packaging, and deliver system update materials to over 400,000 owners.

The contract was awarded to ALOM due to a number of different elements including their impressive customer list, its technology and digital media engineering leadership and their turnkey capabilities. Those capabilities included Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) procurement, media testing, assembly and kitting, duplication, printing and packaging, high-traceability order fulfillment and global distribution.

Six Sigma Quality

The results were 100% on-time performance due to ALOM high production capacity combined with its ability to ramp up quickly and flawlessly fulfill orders. ALOM achieved Six Sigma quality levels that met Ford requirements with less than 3 DPPM measured using inline testing, final testing and laser verification of critical components.

A Trusted Partner

Accurate updates to the MyFord Touch System are critical for end-users to receive in a timely manner and Ford knew they could count on ALOM to deliver, on time and accurately. Updates to MyFord Touch and the Ford SYNC software that enables it are helping to drive more than half of new Ford owners to purchase Blue Oval vehicles. MyFord Touch offers customers a suite of voice, steering-wheel, and LCD touchscreen controls.

To protect Ford intellectual property, ALOM media engineers embedded secure digital rights management protection onto every media component.

SD Card Recycle Program Supports Charity and Sustainability

In addition to the software upgrades, it was important to Ford that replaced SD cards were responsibly recycled and kept out of landfills. ALOM quickly set up and hosts an innovative Recycling for Charity program at to process replaced media returns and donate proceeds from the sale of recycled/reformatted media to any of six Ford approved charities. The site allows consumers or dealers to designate which charity receives their net proceeds. To manage data security issues, ALOM used its reverse logistics systems to ensure that Ford’s intellectual property, as-well-as any confidential data, are fully erased by refurbishing the card to original factory settings out of its Fremont, California location. ALOM donates project management and other costs associated with administering the recycle for charity program.

Ford and Lincoln SD Card cases