Solution Brief

Our strategic value is built around our expertise, our systems and processes, and our determination. We grow each customer’s business by simplifying the supply chain and turning it into a competitive advantage.

Retail Channel and Store Replenishment Solutions

It is not enough to have great marketing programs to make channel partners and physical store locations successful. With increased competition and shorter product cycles you also need a world-class supply chain organization in your corner.

The Power Behind the Brand

Consumers demand flexibility and choice and retail supply chains must deliver. With increased competition retailers may only get one chance to satisfy and keep a customer. It is not enough to have the right products and great marketing to make channel partners and retailers successful. You need a world-class supply chain organization in your corner to provide flawless omnichannel fulfillment and online merchant services along with cost-saving, reliable logistics and efficient returns processing.

ALOM Retail Advantages

  • Custom order management portal
  • Global inventory and logistics optimization
  • Global sourcing and procurement
  • Omnichannel fulfillment including online merchant services
  • Direct or retail-enabled eCommerce fulfillment
  • In-store display and point-of-sale (POS) materials
  • Returns management and customer service

Complete Retail Supply Chain Experience

Pick any retail channel and ALOM has the experience and solutions to deliver flexibility, visibility, speed and cost control. From direct mail, store display configuration, eCommerce, point-of-sale, returns and customer loyalty, we bring the technology and optimized processes to support retail distributors, online merchants, store locations and consumers alike with choice, reliability, speed, and of course, ALOM quality. It all starts with the ALOM order management portal that provides permission-based global access to channel partners and ALOM account managers to monitor and replenish inventory, place orders and track delivery status.

Confidence to Deliver On-time Every Time

  • Customizable ALOM Order Management Portal with inventory alerts
  • ALOM MegaShipper order delivery tracking and reporting
  • 2 day or under delivery to 80% of continental U.S. locations
  • Safe and secure online merchant services with payment processing
  • Highly scalable capacity and fulfillment – up to 20,000 orders/hr.
  • Flexible global print and point-of-sale program management