Agile and Resilient

Fulfilling orders and delivering on-time in today’s global pandemic environment requires ALOM’s extensive global resources and technology. We shift operational strategies nimbly, continually optimizing for our customers. We are the right size for large global projects; yet maintain our agility and customer focus.

A Seamless Global Supply Chain Network

We manage integrated facilities spanning five continents

Agility and resiliency to quickly adapt to supply base realities has allowed ALOM to continue operations during the Covid-19 crisis and successfully launch new medical response programs in record time. Nimbly shifting from JIT to nearsource solutions gives our customers regional presence with real-time visibility and control. SOC2 certified order sites ensure every order is instantly routed and securely processed. Integrated inventory management ensure orders are routed to the fulfillment center closest to the end-user and with adequate inventory levels. With our advanced systems everyone has seamless real-time control and visibility of every order, KPI's and advanced decision support. We know what is needed to run a complex program with many stakeholders in a complex, uncertain global world, and we deliver the tools and performance to make it happen.

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