Smart Supply Chain, a podcast produced by ALOM, offers fresh thinking and actionable takeaways to elevate physical, digital and environmental supply chain performance globally.

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About the Host

Jennifer Duell is a published author and journalist with a passion for operational excellence and an insatiable curiosity about everything.

It’s exciting to talk with the best minds in supply chain to reveal insights that are propelling the industry forward.


Stamping Out Supply Chain Slavery

Stamping Out Supply Chain Slavery
Nearly 50 million people around the globe are modern slaves. Slavery is all around us – in the clothes we wear, the toys we buy our children, and the food we eat. ALOM CEO Hannah Kain discusses the reasons why our global supply chain is vulnerable to slavery and the actions supply chain professionals must take to stamp out slavery.
Environmental Social and Governance, Regulatory Compliance

Fighting Cyber Threats in Supply Chain

Fighting Cyber Threats in Supply Chain
Supply chains are increasingly threatened by cyber attacks, which can compromise tens of thousands of victims through a single breach. In this episode, David Edwards, senior director of technology solutions and security for ALOM, details the evolving risks for digital and physical supply chains and what cybersecurity experts can do to fight these cyber threats.
Ecommerce, Technology

Supplier Diversity Strengthens Supply Chain Performance

Supplier Diversity Strengthens Supply Chain Performance
Smart companies have realized the importance of a robust supplier diversity program and have made suppler diversity a top corporate initiative. In this episode, Rich Watson, ALOM's director of supply base management, digs into supplier diversity programs and the value they bring to supply chains.
Environmental Social and Governance, Supply Base Management

Just-in-Time vs Just-in-Case

Just-in-Time vs Just-in-Case
This episode features Hannah Kain, president and CEO of ALOM. We discuss Just-in-Time (JIT) vs Just-in-Case (JIC) strategies for inventory and supply chain management.
Ecommerce, Inventory Management, Technology
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