Each month, ALOM supply chain subject matter experts take a look at events, trends and technology shaping the industry and offer thought-provoking opinion and well-considered insight to help bring clarity and greater awareness of key issues.

Watch Out! The Bullwhip May Hit You.

Hannah Kain - July 30, 2021

Demand swings are creating shortages. But shortages are also creating demand swings. When a product is in short supply or – worse – unavailable, we …

Is Your Supply Chain Vaccinated?

Hannah Kain - May 25, 2021

After 15 months of pandemic disruptions, demand fluctuations and supply problems, supply chain pros are like toddlers crying from the back seat: “Are we there …

Supply chain disruptions – no immediate relief in sight

Hannah Kain - April 6, 2021

When will the supply chain world return to “normal”? This is by far the number one question in my inbox these days as supply chain …

Chess vs Supply Chain: The Next Move is Yours

Hannah Kain - March 10, 2021

Chess players are often admired for their analytical skills and ability to make decisions. Yet, chess is so much simpler than supply chain. There are …

German Supply Chain Act Signals Global Shift in Transparency and Compliance

Hannah Kain - February 17, 2021

Supply chain pros just may be suffering from PTSD after a harrowing year with rapid changes. The pandemic brought huge demand shifts, now followed by …

Cooking, supply chain and vaccines. Some year-end thoughts

Hannah Kain - December 23, 2020

I was baking traditional Danish Christmas cookies in December. Into the dough went cloves, cardamom, all spice, nutmeg, cinnamon. Many of us associate the spices …