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Paul Hendrycks, Sr. Director of Marketing Communications

Paul Hendrycks

Paul Hendrycks has served as a past member of the Silicon Valley Branding Forum and is a board member for the CSCMP-San Francisco Roundtable supporting program and event marketing promotion. He represents ALOM as a corporate member of the Association for Energy Services Professionals, California Manufacturers and Technology Association as well as the National Association of Manufacturers Communicators Group.

Paul Hendrycks joined ALOM in 2013 to define and promote the ALOM brand globally across multiple channels. In his role, Mr. Hendrycks supports sales growth, customer success, media and press relations, corporate/social responsibility and event management/sponsorship initiatives that spotlight ALOM corporate performance and staff achievements benefiting customers, their end-users, the supply chain industry and promote environmental sustainability.

Prior to joining ALOM, Mr. Hendrycks held senior marketing and creative development positions for companies including Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Tandem Computer, HRN Performance Solutions and the Electric Power Research Institute.

Mr. Hendrycks’ broad experience includes strategic planning, brand management, website development, digital marketing, campaign and launch execution, speaker support, press and analyst relations, and creative direction.

Mr. Hendrycks holds a B.S. degree in graphic design from California State University, San Jose. His outside interests include snow skiing, hiking, camping, fishing and traveling.

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